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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners 2019-04-29T20:37:56+00:00

Easy Alignment Solution

Clear aligners are the ideal solution for patients wanting to avoid traditional braces. Incorporating
aligners into your practice is easy and rewarding for both you and your patients. Aligners will allow you to cater to current and potential patients offering another solution in your arsenal of treatment options. Our clear aligners are made of biocompatible plastic called Zendura FLX that retains its rigidity to align teeth quicker and its clarity for ideal esthetics during treatment. They are virtually invisible, durable and comfortable making the treatment easy and seamless for patients. Our aligners are printed in small batches to ensure an accurate fit that will gently shift teeth into alignment so every plan ends in an ideal smile.


  • Easy alignment solution

  • Minimal chair time – 2 appointments

  • Rigid material for faster alignment

  • Retains clarity for ideal esthetics during treatment

  • High profitability

  • Extended care coverage