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Precise, predictable and profitable dental prosthetics are what you can expect from Wiand Dental Laboratory based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 100 years of combined staff experience focused exclusively on removable dental prosthetics, we are masters of our craft. Specializing in implants and precision attachments for dentures, Wiand Dental Laboratory has the answers to your toughest removable questions. Our commitment to innovation, the highest quality and consistent precision results in little or no adjustments reducing chair time to a minimum giving you more time to grow your practice!

Upcoming Seminars

Removable Renaissance: Recipes for Predictably Treating the Edentulous Patient with & without Dental Implants

For years, the world of dentistry has speculated that removable would phase out. However, due to evolution of baby boomers, the need is greater than ever. Understanding the fundamentals of removable will enable you to succeed with the more advanced treatment options available today.


Case Studies

Precise Heat Cured Relines

This case is one of our precise heat-cured relines. With a heat-cured reline, we invest the denture completely, remove the necessary amount of denture base, pack new acrylic into the flask and cure the denture at 93 degrees Celsius.


Overdenture Attachment

This is a case where an implant crown had failed and instead of a new crown, the doctor preferred to use an overdenture attachment and add a tooth to the patient’s existing partial.


Need a Referral?

At Wiand Dental Laboratory, we work with many of the best dentists in the Phoenix valley. If you are a patient looking for dentist who uses Wiand Dental Laboratories products and will provide you with exceptional dental care, please call us at 480.446.7063 for a referral to one of our Phoenix dentists in your area.