Case Planning

We firmly believe that success with All-on-X starts with a team approach to manage the many variables for all involved including the patient, lab, surgeon and dentist. This process should always begin with collaborative case planning upfront to ensure smooth execution from all parties throughout the case which typically spans over the course of several months.  Case planning together puts us all on the same page and helps us to address adequate bone reduction, ideal implant placement, restorative options, patient expectations and treatment sequence. Communication is critical in these complex cases to get the result your patient wants for the investment they are making in their mouth and overall health. Our technical team is here to assist you with case planning and execution throughout the case.


Your provisionals are carefully designed and fabricated for both the aesthetics your patient will love and strength to avoid repairs as much as possible.  They are digitally fabricated with an Ivotion® one
piece denture for superior strength and aesthetics. We always begin with an immediate denture as a safety net should implants not torque.  It is important to always discuss that possibility with your
patient. We then convert it chairside to a fixed implant bridge the day of surgery. Our provisional is made entirely of acrylic incorporating the abutments that will attach the bridge to the implants for a
custom fit. The temporary prosthesis will extend back to the most distal implant which is necessary for proper implant healing. We highly recommend waiting 6 months for the tissue to thoroughly heal
and remodel before moving on to the final restorative phase. When your patient wakes from surgery, they will be ecstatic with their temporary set of teeth. Consider the provisional a “test drive” phase to determine exactly what your patient wants for their final restoration.

Smart Denture Conversion

Our Smart Denture Conversion technique is different than any other lab in the valley! With Smart Denture Conversion, we minimize the openings for the implant sites fabricating a stronger provisional and creating better occlusion, the ideal template for the final restoration. While the conversion tech custom fits the temporary the day of surgery, it is the lab that designs and sets the course for the case that dictates the result.  Most of the work is done upfront before the day of surgery. It takes a team approach between the dental surgeon, the dental laboratory and the restorative dentist that makes the difference. Our conversion specialist, carefully chosen and trained, is there to lend our restorative expertise to ensure that the final prosthesis has adequate interocclusal space to function properly.  We do this based on the experience of completing thousands of All-on-X cases with dentists and surgeons who all work differently.  Our goal is to ensure all parties get what they need during surgery to ensure each can successfully complete their part in the case. Our dedicated conversion specialist is efficient, professional, and always on time, an extension of your team to maintain the professional standards inside your practice.

Final Restorations

After 6 months, your patient should be healed and ready to proceed with their final restoration. We save you time and create a better final restoration using our digital protocol to achieve this final phase
in as little as 3 appointments.  Over the past 15 years, we have mastered the design and fabrication of the conventional hybrid bridge and now use Ivotion® for strength incorporating a Montreal
Style titanium implant bar designed by us.  It is fixed screw-retained implant supported full arch bridge that is non-removable by the patient.  The benefit of this design is the strength of the one-piece acrylic teeth and base to avoid the sheering of teeth as well as exposed titanium on the intaglio surface giving the patient the ability to properly clean and maintain it. In addition, we offer several restorative upgrades such as our Hybrid with Individual Zirconia Crowns (IC Hybrid) for the heavy bruxer and the best aesthetics or the Swiss Loc Bar Overdenture which is “fixed-detachable” for those who need lip support and want better cleansibility as it is removable by the patient or caregiver. It is the design and materials of these final restorations that make the difference, all of which are currently designed and fabricated in house to the Wiand standard.