Ivotion® Milled Digital Dentures

Partner with us as we explore all this digital option has to offer for immediate and final dentures and All-on-X provisionals including virtual try-ins through the Smile Composer feature! Based on the quality and support Ivoclar has always delivered for us, Ivotion® by Ivoclar was the only choice for us! Ivotion® is a simple, predictable and highly esthetic digital denture process with incredible milling technology. And the workflow which can be completely digital is a dream! Partner with us as we begin to explore all this digital option has to offer starting with immediate dentures especially ideal for All-on-X provisionals.

And what makes this digital denture superior is the fact that it is a ONE PIECE DENTURE which means the teeth and base are milled as one solid piece greatly reducing the possibility of tooth and even base fractures. This is what Ivoclar calls their shell geometry design incorporating both the tooth and tissue shade into one puck. Taking tooth bonding out of the equation makes the strength of Ivotion® far superior then any printed denture on the market. As always, the goal is to avoid repairs and additional unnecessary chair time. Prescribe an Ivotion® Digital Denture today!

Ivotion – Monolithic full dentures thanks to Shell Geometry Video

Dr Sperbeck Ivotion Testimonial Video

Ivotion: Dr. El-Gendy Video

Milled Zirconia Implant Crowns

After mastering the design of our thimble bar with individual Zirconia crowns, we are excited to now offer single unit milled Zirconia implant crowns for any implant platform. The digital streamlined process for our implant crowns will result in reduced chair time and the exceptional aesthetics of IPS e.max® ZirCAD® Prime with a seamless gradient of shade and translucency for your patients.  If you want a precise, predictable result with minimal if any adjustments for your patients, prescribe one today!

Acetal Frames

Acetal resin is an ideal non-metal alternative for patients with an allergy or non-metal preference. Our digitally milled acetal frames are tooth colored and come in vita shades. The durability of an acetal frame falls in between that of a cast metal and flexible partial. While not as strong as cast metal, it is a good secondary option that will provide adequate long-term strength.  Plus, the tooth shade Acetal makes RPD’s a cosmetic option as the clasps virtually disappear in the mouth. Prescribe an acetal RPD for your next holistic patient!

Hard Night Guards

Our comfortable to wear hard night guards are made of acrylic and are waxed and processed just like our dentures. They are fabricated with clear acrylic and heat cured for maximum strength using the SR-Ivocap® Injection System. Hard night guards are ideal for your toughest bruxers who require a rigid night guard with no flexibility. The density of our hard night guards reduces the chance of breakage.  However, they can be easily repaired and added to should you need to adjust the vertical. The non-porous surface reduces odor causing plaque and bacteria and will not yellow or stain. All hard night guards are constructed to your occlusal place specifications on the upper or lower arch.

DTX 3D Implant Planning

Wiand Dental Lab is here to assist you with your implant planning needs. Through a completely digital integrated workflow, we are able to directly connect, share plans and communicate through the DTX platform. Outside of DTX, we can import an uncompressed DICOM or scans your study models to build an implant plan. Whatever your personal workflow is, we have a way to work together!

CAD Implant Bar Design

Wiand Dental Lab is the CAD market specialist perfecting the design and restorative application of CAD implant bars for both implant bar supported overdentures and fixed│screw-retained (hybrid) dentures A CAD precision milled bar is a one-piece milled titanium alloy structure with a passive fit. This eliminates potential weakness that may be caused by soldering or laser welded joints. The result is a more predictable, durable and precision | passive fit restoration.

Our in-house designed implant bars provide superior strength yet are light weight and preserve bone due to the splinting of the implants.  They are the ideal option for your edentulous patients providing an optimal foundation to last a lifetime. Our design expertise and experience will all major implant and abutment systems provides our doctors with predictable results in fabricating implant bar supported dentures.  If this is a new treatment option to you, we are happy to provide consulting and support to assist you through each step of this treatment plan.

PM7 Mill

With the proliferation of the digital denture workflow, there are both additive (printed) and subtractive (milled) manufacturing processes available. Milling is still currently the best option because of the strength and familiarity of materials. Milled dentures are made from the same methyl methacrylate we have used for many years. It is not a photopolymer and therefore, can be adjusted or relined as traditionally done in the past. The key difference among milled dentures is the milling strategy. While almost any mill can mill a denture, the PM7 from Ivoclar is far superior as it utilizes the CAM 5 milling strategy instead of a traditional STL file. This proprietary strategy provides much greater detail in the finished product capturing all the intricacies in the anatomy of the teeth giving the milled denture more vibrance than a traditionally milled denture from an STL. At Wiand Dental, we have always been about the detail and making our dentures look as real as possible. For us, the PM7 Mill from Ivoclar was the only choice to deliver the very best digital dentures!