IOS for Dentures and More!

A Digital Workflow Saves Money, Time, Steps and Appointments!

We are currently accepting intraoral scans for everything we produce here at Wiand with the exception of cast metal partials and full definitive dentures. However, you can turn conventional full definitive dentures into a digital workflow by taking a wash impression inside the denture and then scanning the impression either at your office or here at the lab. Please call for further specifics as there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure an optimal outcome.

Benefits of Digital Impressions:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Permanent digital record
  • Less appointments/steps
  • Increased patient comfort
  • More efficient communication

Scanning Systems and Instructions:

  • You can connect with us directly through MEDIT Link, iTero, Trios, Carestream and CEREC by selecting Wiand Dental Lab.
  • For other systems, simply send an .STL file to the same address and follow these steps:
    • Take complete patient scan
    • Select order
    • Select export
    • Select .STL as file type
    • Email zipped file to

Universal Scanning Tips:

  • Calibrate your scanner weekly
  • Turn off overhead lights
  • Dry tissue before scanning
  • Turn off AI feature if your scanner has it
  • Use two people, one to retract and one to scan
  • Move at a SLOW, steady pace as you go
  • Scan everything you would need with conventional impressions
  • Be sure scan is free of holes and voids, software does not “fake out”
  • Look at scan in monochrome rather than color to see what lab sees
  • Clean up your scans before sending for accuracy
  • Go to vendor website for more educational resources
  • Contact your scanning rep for support
  • Go to YouTube for videos of techniques for your brand of scanner

FOR FULL ARCH: Be sure to verify full distal extension capturing entire vestibule back to hamular notch/retro molar pads.

Be sure you send an RX along with your scan

We can also scan your conventional impressions…whatever your workflow, digital is an option!

DICOM Specifics:

Request DropBox Link