Our Processes

At Wiand Dental Lab, our processes are everything.  They lay the foundation for all the work we produce here. Detail at every step is critical to the precise fit and premium quality aesthetics we strive to achieve with every case. Our staff refers to this level of detail as “The Wiand Way.”  Each step must meet our standard to continue to the next one. Our standards are defined by us, not driven by our industry or pressure from outside vendors. We take great pride in the level of work we produce, producing as much as we can while still maintaining our level of quality. And growth is deliberately controlled to ensure our standards. Many of these standards have evolved from the original doctors we began with back in the early 90’s when everything was done by the book.  We have never deviated from this and honor these standards for every doctor and every case. Our goal is to ensure your patients love what they get from us so that they rave about you!

All our technicians are trained internally via “The Wiand Way.”  We assign tasks to each based on what they are best at. There are no teams assigned to certain doctors.  All our doctors consistently get our best technicians because they are all amazing at what they do. The technical direction of each case is determined by Tom Wiand, CDT and our lead technician who then communicate to our other technicians accordingly. This strategy is what helps us deliver consistent and predictable quality to our dentists.

At Wiand, we are all about mastering the basics because the foundational model work sets the course for every case. Many of our processes come directly from the original air force manual we still adhere to today. Here are some examples of things we do that make the difference:

  • Evaluate all incoming records for accuracy
  • Read and follow the doctors RX
  • Read and follow manufacturer instructions for all materials
  • Digitally measure powder and liquid for all model work
  • Vacumix and mechanically spatulate stone
  • Box and pour all impressions
  • SR-Ivocap® Injection processing for everything
  • In lieu of facebow, we mount all cases using the Acculiner
  • Stratos semi-adjustable articulators used on every case
  • Finishing completed under 20x magnification
  • Quality control is performed at each step


BPS | SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System

At Wiand Dental Lab, we use the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System for every case we process because it produces the best results.  Certified since 1998, the BPS Brand Prosthetic System incorporates the use of intraoral traces (Gnathometer) for a precise bite, the Stratos semi-adjustable articulator, Ivoclar denture teeth and SR-Ivocap® Injection processing. Overall, the difference between SR-Ivocap® Injection and every other processing technique out there is that the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System provides a continuous injection of acrylic during polymerization which compensates for shrinkage during polymerization allowing for better adaptation to the cast.

After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. During the entire polymerization process, the pressure is maintained at 6 bar to ensure continuous pressure feeding of additional material. With SR-Ivocap® Injection, pressure and heat together enable both a high degree of polymerization and an excellent adhesive bond to resin teeth. Additionally, the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System leaves behind less residual monomer resulting in a denture base that will not discolor to yellow. It also prevents a change in vertical dimension and spherical deformation. As a result, adjustments of occlusion are virtually eliminated.


Staub Cranial

No bite needed! Staub Cranial™ can be used to fabricate precise dentures, diagnostic wax-ups, and surgical | CT guides. The Staub™ Cranial System is a scientific approach to identifying proper tooth positioning based on fixed anatomical landmarks unique to each patient to a proven 95% accuracy. After locating these landmarks and measuring the distances between them, we enter these measurements into a software program that prints a patient specific dental map. This map, along with three specifically designed instruments, enables us to properly mount your models without a bite registration. In short, math and science replace doctor and technician guesswork. Using the Staub Cranial™

Using the Staub Cranial™ technique, a denture can be precisely fabricated in as little as three appointments. All we need is an accurate impression capturing all the necessary fixed anatomical landmarks. Along with your impressions, we will return to you a complete maxillary set-up, a set-up of the lower 6 anteriors and a wax block in the posterior at the proper occlusal plane. At the second appointment, the trial set-up is tried in and the bite is verified. The trial set-up is then returned to the lab for the final set-up of the lower posterior teeth and processing. It’s that simple and the result is incredible!