Sending Records

Your Records Set the Course for Your Case!

The records you take and send are everything to us here in the lab. They are the way we communicate. Imagine treating a patient you have never seen. You lay the foundation for our restorations and dictate the final result. We review all impressions, scans, photos, and information thoroughly upon receipt. If there is anything we see or need that may hinder your results, we will contact you. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward because back tracking later only makes more work for everyone involved in the case. For this reason, records should always be a priority for you at your practice. Taking the time to give record taking the attention it deserves upfront will ensure a successful result for the patients we treat together. We recommend only the doctor takes final impressions and all impressions should be approved by the doctor before leaving the practice to avoid having to bring a patient back.

Full Arch Impressions Must Capture Entire Vestibule

In terms of removable and full arch restorations, it is critical that both conventional impressions and digital scans capture the entire vestibule all the way back to the Hamular Notches/Retro Molars Pads. These records should always be free of holes and voids. To ensure an accurate conventional impression, load up the tray with plenty of impression material and be sure you capture all these landmarks. For digital scans, we recommend scanning very slowly making sure to thoroughly capture all the data and landmarks as you go. Clean up of a scan on our end results in a less accuracy and may incur additional charges for our time. Please do your very best to give us what we need the first time.  And if you need help with this, we are always happy to support you with a Lunch & Learn or phone support! Click Here to Schedule a Lunch and Learn.

Here is a List of Items we Need for Every Case:

  • Digital scans* or conventional impressions INCLUDING an opposing impression and bite registration
  • Thoroughly completed RX Including shade, tooth/root extractions, patient info, due date and detailed instructions with your vision for the case
  • Patient photos – photo series
  • Patient video of patient speaking if possible
  • Implant components if applicable properly wrapped and packaged to avoid loss

*Please be aware that you must include a lab slip with all cases including digital scans. This can be done through the software portal when submitting your scan or you can simply email .STL to [email protected]. For more scanning info, click here.

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