Lab Support


At Wiand Dental Lab, our goal is to become your long-term partner in removable and implant supported prosthetics.  This means learning and sharing with you all along the way. The way that we do this is through our newsletter, website, social media, and continuing education seminars as possible. Wiand Dental Lab is here to assist you in growing your practice in terms of both the clinical and business aspect and we do through in-person presentations, CE courses, phone calls, virtual meetings and in-person meetings. When you grow, we grow, so we are here to support however you need! Our lab features a presentation room for up to 20 available for continuing education, clients, and industry partners anytime!

Case Planning

With the rapid advancements in technology and material science, we are constantly learning and growing in our specialty. Right now, there is so much change in dental technology and new treatment options are quickly emerging. We make it our priority to act as a resource to our doctors, lending our experience and expertise to help you quickly make the best choices for your patient’s based on their wants, needs, budget and current available treatment options. We provide technical case planning support for every case as needed. We highly recommend connecting with us before the work begins for your most challenging implant and All-on-X cases. We can help you strategize, stage, streamline and begin with the end in mind for the best results for your patients.


So many variables in dentistry have led to the need for greater technical support in the field. Our goal as a lab is to support and empower our doctors with the latest techniques, treatment options and workflows to help grow their clinical expertise for the good of their patients. Please understand that as a lab, we do not assume the responsibility of the dentist, rather we are there to educate and instruct as needed from the lab perspective. We have seen a lot this past 30+ years and our goal is to share what we know works based on experience, help you streamline your clinical workflows and get the results you want for your patients. Much of this can be done via phone, photos and written protocols. We assist chairside for PMR’s for your first PMR case as part of our All-on-X Advantage Package and can also assist with things like your first pick-up impression. Outside of this, chairside fees apply due to the impact on production and the hard costs of sending a technician from the lab into the field.