Working With Wiand Is Easy

Welcome Package

Want to know more about us? We have a printed or digital lab folder with all our information ready and waiting for you, whichever you prefer.  We will also deliver or mail a welcome package to you with some helpful resources for contacting us and scheduling your cases.  We are passionate about being your prosthetic lab of choice, request more information today!

Send a Case

Ready to send a case? There are several things we will need from you including impressions (conventional or digital), a completed lab slip (whether you are sending conventional impressions or a scan and patient photos (click through to photo series). Please have these items prepared for each case you send as our work and turnaround depend on them.  If you are ready now to send us a case, simply click the button below and follow the prompts.

Schedule a Case Planning Call

Need technical support?  Sometimes our clients need to discuss the options and direction of the case before they can send it. We are available during business to support you! If you would like to schedule a case planning call, simply click the button below to send an email to our technical lead with when you would like to talk at your convenience.  Or simply call the lab at 833-269-1195!

Tools for Successful Outcomes