Implant Assisted | Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are the standard of care for most patients today. We believe implant supported restorations are the best available option and should always be presented to the patient. Starting with removables and evolving into implant dentistry over the past 3 decades has developed our expertise in this arena. All of our implant supported dentures are processed with SR Ivocap® Injection and are completed under 20X magnification resulting in a very clean and precise product that will be delivered with little or no adjusting required along with your master cast intact for verification. Our implant assisted offerings include but are not limited to Zest Locator® dentures and Atlantis® Conus overdentures.

With experience in every implant system out there, we can answer your questions and consult with you on the pros and cons of each from the lab perspective as you are making your treatment plans.  We are here to answer questions and ensure that you get the right solution for your patients, every time. Contact us today to speak with an experienced team member and to learn which of our available options is right for your next patient!

Acrylic Hybrid Dentures

Acrylic hybrids are an ideal, more affordable alternative to traditional crown and bridge work. With this option, patients can replace an entire full arch of teeth for about half the cost and typically in one day using the All-on-X treatment concept. Our acrylic hybrid incorporates a titanium framework for long-term support that will be anchored to the dental implants with prosthetic screws through holes in the prosthesis. These holes are covered up with acrylic making them disappear after seating the prosthesis. In most cases, the prosthesis will reach back to the first molar area.

This fixed screw-retained design is only removable by the clinician. On-going maintenance and care of an acrylic hybrid will require regular hygiene, replacement of screws and the replacement of teeth on average every 5-7 years depending on wear as necessary.

Bar Supported Overdentures

Our highest demand bar supported overdenture restoration is our SwissLoc design, which is fixed yet removable, the best of both worlds for many patients. A SwissLoc bar overdenture is a fixed detachable full arch implant restoration that features a superstructure inside the overdenture that slides onto the primary milled bar and then engages to fixed by way of the SwissLoc attachments from the denture through the primary bar for stability and retention. These attachments are flush on each side of the denture base far enough back to be hidden.

The SwissLoc Bar Overdenture is ideal for the edentulous patient who wants or needs an implant supported removable restoration for easy cleaning or additional lip support without compromising hygiene. This prosthesis can be removed daily by patient or care give to clean around the implants. The palate can also be sealed. Wiand is always here to provide technical support for your next implant patient.

Zirconia Thimble Hybrid

Wiand is setting the GOLD standard with our individual zirconia crown hybrids designed for All-on-X! Upgrade your existing or new All-on-X patients to our Zirconia Hybrid with individual Zirconia crowns on a titanium thimble bar designed by Wiand to virtually eliminate repairs! This design offers more clinical flexibility compared to block zirconia or other hybrid designs in terms of interocclusal space, cantilevers, and case manageability for the long term. The expertise in our design will save you, your patient and your surgeon time, money, and frustration by avoiding repair time and costs.

There are so many benefits, there is no reason to consider anything else for your patients!  These include only 10mm of interocclusal space required, up to 15mm cantilevers are acceptable, pink gingiva and implant sites can be added (in case of implant failure), single teeth are replaceable and there is no possibility of for retreads due to excessive tooth wear. Although rare, this design offers many easy repair options if ever needed. With any complex implant supported hybrid, it is important to have options post restoration setting you and your patients up for long-term success!