Our Story

Since 1992, Wiand Dental Lab has evolved into an industry leader in removable and implant supported prosthetics. With 30 years of experience in this specialty, the expertise we have developed is second to none. And it all began in the little town of New Castle, PA.

Tom Wiand, owner and founder, was born and raised under the watchful eye of his father who was a general dentist practicing out of a little office attached to their home. He always bragged about walking to the office. Tom’s dad was known for dentures often being referred to as “the denture guy” because this was where he shined doing all his own lab work. We just called him “Doc.” It was here that Tom discovered his passion as be began to dabble in the lab work with his dad.

Tom mistakenly believed that all dentists did their own lab based on his experience with is own father. Once he found out he could make it his career, he attended dental technology school at the McCarrie School of Health Sciences. Unlike the rest his classmates, Tom made removables his focus because he found it to be more interesting and challenging.

After a short stint internship at Dealy Dental Lab, Tom followed his sister Rosey to Arizona, what he considered paradise. He then started at a lab called Tooth Works where he met many of the technicians we still know and work with today. After a year or so, he got a tip from a friend that a removable technician was retiring and another lab was closing (John Warren and Allen Dental Lab). With lab work in hand, Tom went out and sold himself to a handful of accounts from those leads to start what eventually became Wiand Dental Lab. Those first doctors invested in Tom holding him accountable to get the basics right each and every case. Something we still practice today.

Tom’s goal was to create a lab that would produce high quality, natural looking dentures that fit and functioned well. He was one of the first labs to be certified in the Ivoclar BPS system, lab processes we still use today, His goal then and still now is to create the best denture possible for the patients we serve in tandem with our dentist clients.

Tom continues to lead our team with integrity and is involved in every aspect of the lab. Located in south Scottsdale, our family owned and operated removable lab specializes in implant and attachment dentistry. We are currently training our son Pierce who is also attending business school, but consider all our staff as part of our family. Most recently, we have added digital dentures as well as milled crowns to our product offerings. We are excited about the future of dental technology and hope you will join us along for the ride!

Doc’s Graduation from Pitt Dental School

Doc in His Practice

New Castle Home Dental Office

Tom’s First Lab Location

Tom and son Pierce, the Next Generation

The Couple

Tom Wiand’s father practiced dentistry in New Castle, Pennsylvania for 47 years. Because his dad did all of his own lab work, Tom had the mistaken impression that all dentists did and wasn’t even aware the dental laboratory was a separate profession. His dad suggested he pursue it as a career and after graduating from school in Philadelphia he briefly worked for an area lab. He had grown weary of the cold winters and decided to move to Arizona where his sister resided. After working for a production-based lab he realized it wasn’t the type of work he wanted to do and decided to open his own lab in 1992. Shortly thereafter, he met Beth, an Arizona State University (ASU) student, at a local country bar.

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