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About Wiand Dental Lab

About Wiand Dental Lab
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At Wiand Dental Lab, We Give Dentures the Attention They Require and Deserve!



The Benefits of Working With Us

Because Wiand Dental Lab has focused exclusively on removable dental prosthetics, our experience, expertise and education are unparalleled in the industry. With nearly 25 years in removable dental prosthetics, we have seen the work of hundreds of doctors which equates to tens of thousands of removable cases. Our expertise is vast! We have the answers to all of your removable questions. It is our passion to continually educate ourselves and our doctors on new materials, equipment, and technology as they emerge. We are able to offer our doctors the best available treatment options and work hard to stay ahead of the curve.

The majority of our technicians have long been with us and were directly trained in our technique by our Owner and General Manager, Tom Wiand, CDT. Our technicians handle every step of your case with exceptional care and take great pride in their work. In short, we are the dental lab for doctors who want to do exceptional dentistry in terms of removable dental prosthetics and we are the dental lab that others turn to with their toughest removable questions and challenges. If you want your removable dental prosthetics done right the first time, send it to Wiand!

How We Support You

Our Values

Over and above our precise products, Wiand Dental Lab offers:

  • All-on-4® Support
  • Treatment Planning Assistance
  • Implant Planning Assistance
  • CAD | CAM Implant Bar Design
  • Chairside Technical Support
  • Continuing Education both Clinical and Business Related


  • Precision
  • Professionalism
  • Education
  • Support
  • Proactivity
  • Consistency

  • Teamwork
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Family
  • Health

Partnership is Key

Based on our experience here at Wiand Dental Lab, it is clear that success in removable dental prosthetics can be easily achieved through proactive and open communication between the dental lab and the doctor. In complex implant cases, we find that a team approach involving the dental lab, restorative doctor, and the surgeon before the work begins always breeds the best results. For this reason, we aim to have a true partnership with all of our doctors from the start in order to provide patients with an optimal outcome. This requires that we thoroughly examine incoming impressions for accuracy that we receive from our doctors.  This is the difference between our lab and our competitors.  We take the time up front to make sure the records taken to start a case are going to lead to success for our doctors.  Our work is a reflection of the impression provided which is the foundation of any removable case.  Taking the time on the front end of the case results in predictable consistent outcomes upon final delivery.  Additionally, we strive to be proactive in our customer service approach over communicating to avoid potential challenges.  Success in removable is a team effort and it is the little things that can make a big difference to the end result for the patient!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to have our expertise in removable dental prosthetics be a resource to you in order to provide your patients with the best possible restorative options and outcome. At Wiand, we strive to help make every one of our doctors successful in the area of removable dental prosthetics in terms of both patient satisfaction and profitability. We achieve this by providing the most predictable and accurate products possible as well as by taking a proactive approach in terms of customer service. With attention to the smallest detail, everything we do is deliberate and well thought out in an effort to make your removable cases go seamlessly saving you time, money and frustration. Every case is treated as a custom piece of art made with what we have found to be the best materials and equipment available. There are many internal measures that we take to ensure precise, predictable and consistently accurate dental prosthetics that allow us to rise above the competition and reduce you chair time, the doctor’s greatest expense. This leaves our doctors more time to see more patients, grow your practice or just have more free time!

Our Team

Tom Wiand, CDT
Tom Wiand, CDTOwner/General Manager
Tom has been the leader of Wiand Dental Lab, Inc. for over 23 years with the vision of making the highest quality dentures possible. He is an expert in conventional, implant assisted/supported dentures as well as precision attachment partials and is also a Certified Dental Technician (CDT). Tom leads the nation in the All-on-4® procedure having restored over 1,000 of these cases seamlessly and speaking on behalf of multiple implant companies about this progressive treatment option. He is considered by the industry as the back stop for the most complex removable and implant denture cases. Tom always has a solution!
Beth Wiand
Beth WiandDirector of Sales & Marketing
Beth is a graduate of ASU where she earned a degree in Broadcasting in 1994. She began her media career at Blair Television, a TV commercial broker and then bought media for American Home Products for national brands like Advil. After selling radio and marketing opportunities for the Mix 96.9-FM (Clear Channel) for 10 years, she joined the team at Wiand Dental Laboratory because she saw the importance of what her husband contributed to the dental industry. Beth now applies her marketing, sales and business experience to the lab business acting as the Business, Marketing and Sales Manager for the company.
Scott Lowrey
Scott LowreySales & Support Representative
Scott launched his dental career in 2006 and was the youngest District Manager ever hired by Komet, USA where he was awarded the West Region MVP 2008 and was ranked a top 10 Territory Sales Manager for 5 consecutive years. Scott joined the Wiand team in July of 2014 and his current role is to provide in-practice service and support to our clients in terms of technical questions, treatment options, products, and education. A true professional, Scott’s goal is long-term partnerships that result in exceptional case outcomes for both patient and dentist.
Dorri Held
Dorri HeldConversion Specialist
Dorri is a graduate of Phoenix College with an Associates Degree in Art, the perfect foundation for a career in dental technology. Dorri began her career with Wiand Dental Lab, Inc. in 1994 when she was hired as a delivery driver. From there, Dorri went on to develop her skills in each stage of the denture process including model work, waxing, finishing and set-ups for both conventional dentures and implant over dentures. She also assisted with operations and customer service over the years developing many relationships along the way. Dorri now serves as Conversion & Support Specialist where she efficiently executes conversions chair-side for the All-on-4 procedure as well as provides technical support to our clients out in the field.
Michelle Counts
Michelle CountsSurgery Coordinator
Michelle began her dental career as a CDA in 1998, later obtaining her EFDA as well as a certification as Temporomandibular Assistant through the American Academy of Cranio Facial pain where she fabricated orthotics and performed therapeutic modalities on chronic pain patients. Michelle is proficient in all general chair side and oral surgery procedures including extensive knowledge in dental implants. She joined the Wiand team as Surgery Coordinator in August of 2018 to coordinate all aspects of the All-on-4 process for our clients.
Debbie Faulkenbery
Debbie FaulkenberyWorkflow Supervisor
Debbie began her career with Target where she excelled in logistics for 17 years. Due to the physical demands of the job, Debbie decided on a new career in dentistry because she loves teeth. She attended Carrington College for dental assisting and had a dual internship in pediatric dentistry and oral surgery. Her first job in dentistry was as a front office coordinator/assistant for a specialty practice in 2010. She later became a treatment coordinator and it was here she learned how to case plan and sequence large cases. Her combined skills of logistics, case planning and prosthetics are what have made her a perfect fit as our Workflow Supervisor at Wiand Dental since 2015.

Our Facility

Wiand Dental Lab, Inc. is the most technologically advanced denture facility in the state of Arizona. In the fall of 2009, we relocated to 1525 N. Granite Reef Road, Suite 16, in Scottsdale Arizona. After designing and building out the space, there is an optimal production of dentures in terms of both quality and turnaround time. We have an open door policy, stop by anytime to see our dental lab in action or to discuss your next case! You will learn a lot by observing the systems and practices in our denture lab since every detail is critical.

Continuing Education Facility

Wiand Dental Lab Training RoomOur location is also equipped with a Continuing Education room that seats up to 25 people comfortably. Because denture technology education opportunities are limited, we wanted to have a place we can provide them to our doctors. In addition to denture technology education, we also provide our doctors with continuing education on a variety of subjects important to the business of dentistry and our client’s practices. If you have a subject you need assistance with and would like us to explore, please contact Beth Wiand or call 480.446.7063.

Our continuing education facility is available to our clients and dental colleagues for use at no cost for meetings, study clubs, seminars, team building or anything else you have a need for. It is equipped with an overhead projector with screen, audio, wireless internet access and podium. On Fridays, the lab portion of our facility can be freed up for hands-on dental technology education. We can also assist with catering for your events. To reserve our conference room for your next event, call us at 480.446.7063.

Our History

From conventional dentures to the most complex implant supported over-dentures, Wiand Dental Lab produces the most precise dental prosthetics for all your removable needs. Tom Wiand, CDT,  the son of a general dentist, started Wiand Dental Lab in 1992. He attended the McCarrie School of Health Sciences and Technology in Philadelphia, PA. With training in all areas of dental laboratory technology, he found removable prosthetics to be the most challenging due to the uniqueness of each case and made it his focus. Tom worked for several dental labs before venturing out on his own to establish Wiand Dental Lab, which has become the valley’s premier removable prosthetic dental lab specializing in implant and attachment dentistry. Tom is actively involved in every aspect of the lab on a daily basis. We employ a staff of 20, and are a family owned, quality driven lab that uses only FDA approved materials and creates custom dental prosthetics on our premises. As our doctors are professionals, we too present ourselves in a professional manner. We are a dental laboratory you will be proud to be associated with. We care about what we do because it makes a difference in the lives of your patients.

What Our Doctors Say

“As a periodontist, I had long been aware that Wiand Dental Lab was the high-end facility for fabricating removable dental prostheses in the Valley. When I began to offer the “All-on-4” treatment option in my office, Wiand was the obvious choice to provide the best possible result for my patients. Their expertise, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none and their experience and customization have provided excellent results, without exception, for each and every patient we have treated together. Wiand’s knowledgeable employees provide personalized service at each step of the treatment process and their communication protocol is impeccable. The beneficiary is the patient, who gets a predictable, same-day conversion leaving the office with a fixed, full arch implant-supported prosthesis. Not only does Wiand Dental Laboratory exceed my expectations with “All-on-4” cases, but they also provide expert advice concerning removable dental prostheses. I could not recomment them more highly.”
Dr. Leslie I. Davis
“Many years ago I was ready to give up on removable. I just thought I wasn’t any good at it because I was not getting the results I wanted for my patients. A trusted colleague of mine referred me to Wiand. What I got back was high quality and precision fit consistently for my patients. My confidence in doing removable cases was restored and I have been doing removable cases successfully ever since. If you want to be successful in removable, Wiand is your lab!”
Dr. Karl Bohman
“I have been working with Tom Wiand and the lab for many years now. I have come to realize how beneficial Tom can be when planning complex cases. He has taught me so much that I didn’t even know was possible. I had a great deal of difficulty with my first hybrid case that was in progress with another lab. So much so, that I didn’t ever want to do another. When one came up and it was the best treatment available for my patient, I decided to try again. Tom guided me through an extremely simple step by step process and the case was a dream. No stress, no problems. Their quote, “no denture adventures” is absolutely true! I never have any surprises with any of the work we have done together and I simply LOVE working with Wiand. The added bonus of regular CE courses for doctors and staff is a big plus!”
Dr. Carol Ford
“I’ve been a client of Wiand Dental Lab for many years. I can’t say enough good things about them. They consistently provide me with quality service and products whether it be a simple case or a complex case. I routinely count on their advice. They’re always available to discuss any case I may have. Their great service reflects well upon my practice.”
Tim Loving, DMD, Loving Family Dental
“Wiand Dental Laboratory is my go to lab for all of my removable needs because they truly understand dentistry and grasp aesthetics like no one else. If you don’t think dentures are cosmetic, you haven’t ever worked with Wiand Dental Laboratory. They fabricate the most realistic and aesthetic looking dentures I’ve ever seen. They are the best lab I’ve ever worked with and I would highly recommend them to any dentist who wants to be successful in removable prosthetics.”
Dr. Steven Goldstein D.D.S.