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Wiand Dental Lab Testimonials

Wiand Dental Lab Testimonials
Wiand Dental Lab Testimonials 2020-11-03T19:23:34-07:00

The following testimonials are from patients and dentists that work with us.
We’ll work with you to make sure that your patients have the perfect smile with the best materials that are precision hand-crafted.

“As a periodontist, I had long been aware that Wiand Dental Lab was the high-end facility for fabricating removable dental prostheses in the Valley. When I began to offer the “All-on-4” treatment option in my office, Wiand was the obvious choice to provide the best possible result for my patients. Their expertise, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none and their experience and customization have provided excellent results, without exception, for each and every patient we have treated together. Wiand’s knowledgeable employees provide personalized service at each step of the treatment process and their communication protocol is impeccable. The beneficiary is the patient, who gets a predictable, same-day conversion leaving the office with a fixed, full arch implant-supported prosthesis. Not only does Wiand Dental Laboratory exceed my expectations with “All-on-4” cases, but they also provide expert advice concerning removable dental prostheses. I could not recomment them more highly.”

Dr. Leslie I. Davis

“Many years ago I was ready to give up on removable. I just thought I wasn’t any good at it because I was not getting the results I wanted for my patients. A trusted colleague of mine referred me to Wiand. What I got back was high quality and precision fit consistently for my patients. My confidence in doing removable cases was restored and I have been doing removable cases successfully ever since. If you want to be successful in removable, Wiand is your lab!”

Dr. Karl Bohman

“I have been working with Tom Wiand and the lab for many years now. I have come to realize how beneficial Tom can be when planning complex cases. He has taught me so much that I didn’t even know was possible. I had a great deal of difficulty with my first hybrid case that was in progress with another lab. So much so, that I didn’t ever want to do another. When one came up and it was the best treatment available for my patient, I decided to try again. Tom guided me through an extremely simple step by step process and the case was a dream. No stress, no problems. Their quote, “no denture adventures” is absolutely true! I never have any surprises with any of the work we have done together and I simply LOVE working with Wiand. The added bonus of regular CE courses for doctors and staff is a big plus!”

Dr. Carol Ford

“I’ve been a client of Wiand Dental Lab for many years. I can’t say enough good things about them. They consistently provide me with quality service and products whether it be a simple case or a complex case. I routinely count on their advice. They’re always available to discuss any case I may have. Their great service reflects well upon my practice.”

Tim Loving, DMD, Loving Family Dental

“Wiand Dental Laboratory is my go to lab for all of my removable needs because they truly understand dentistry and grasp aesthetics like no one else. If you don’t think dentures are cosmetic, you haven’t ever worked with Wiand Dental Laboratory. They fabricate the most realistic and aesthetic looking dentures I’ve ever seen. They are the best lab I’ve ever worked with and I would highly recommend them to any dentist who wants to be successful in removable prosthetics.”

Dr. Steven Goldstein D.D.S.