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Dental Lab Products & Materials

Dental Lab Products & Materials
Dental Lab Products & Materials 2019-04-29T21:13:52-07:00

Dental Lab Products & Materials

Wiand Dental Lab always researches and uses the highest quality materials available in order to make removable and implant supported prosthetics that will fit, function and last for your patients.  Our goal is to make you shine in the eyes of your patients resulting in better patient retention and more patient referrals.

From Conventional Dentures to Implant Supported Overdentures

Wiand Dental Lab produces the most precise dental prosthetics for all your removable needs. In addition to our main products, we also offer these removable basics:

  • Custom Trays | Bite Rims
  • Flippers | Acrylic Partials
  • Hawley Retainers
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Tooth Stock

At Wiand Dental Lab, we stock what we have found to be the best in terms of aesthetics and durability. Our premium tooth options include Blueline DCL and SR Vivodent PE from Ivoclar as well as Heraeus Kulzer’s Premium line. For our economy options, we stock Ivostar Anteriors and Gnathostar Posteriors from Ivoclar. In addition, we are happy to order any other line of teeth at your request, but please be aware that ordering outside of our tooth stock may require additional in lab time for your case.

Restorative Ladder of Function for Patient

Restorative Ladder