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CAD | CAM Titanium Implant Bar

CAD | CAM Titanium Implant Bar Design
CAD | CAM Titanium Implant Bar Design 2020-06-05T20:28:19-07:00
  • Bar Design
  • Bar Design

Affordable and Efficient CAD/CAM Implant Bar Design

Titanium Dental Implant BarsCAD | CAM Titanium Dental Implant Bars are the ideal option for the edentulous patient and provide an optimal foundation for great restorations. Wiand Dental Laboratory is the CAD | CAM market specialist perfecting the design and use of CAD | CAM implant bars for both implant supported overdentures and fixed | screw retained (hybrid) dentures. Our technique provides our doctors with predictable results in fabricating implant supported dentures.

A CAD | CAM Precision Milled Bar is a one-piece milled titanium alloy structure with a passive fit. This eliminates potential weakness that may be caused by soldering or laser welded joints. The result is a more predictable, durable and precision | passive fit restoration. If this is a new treatment option to you, we are happy to provide consulting and support to assist you through each step of this treatment plan.

When it comes to CAD/CAM implant bars in Arizona, the team at Wiand are the experts. And our expertise ensures accurate and predictable results for you and your patient. Wiand Dental provides dependable lab services and customer support to make working with us easy. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and support you as much or as little as you need. If you have questions before scheduling a patient consultation, feel free to call us today! Wiand Dental Laboratory is here to help you with all your prosthetic needs!

Benefits of our CAD/CAM Implant Bars – Predictable results you can rely on!

  • Predictable Result
  • Precision or passive fit
  • One piece titanium alloy design
  • No solder or laser-welded joints
  • No alloy costs
  • Superior strength yet very lightweight
  • Allows the denture technician to design the bar
  • Lifetime restoration (only denture teeth may need replacing)
  • Preserves bone due to splinting of the implants
Available for fixed detachable hybrid and removable overdenture prosthetics
Available for all major brand implants or abutment systems
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