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Same Day Relines & Repairs

(Phoenix Area Only)

Same Day Denture Repair & Relines (Phoenix Area Only)
Same Day Denture Repair & Relines (Phoenix Area Only) 2019-04-22T22:42:19+00:00

Same Day Denture Repair and Reline

In addition to same day relines, Wiand Dental Lab provides same day acrylic repairs.  We can make your patient’s denture like new again!

Same day service for simple acrylic repairs and hard relines must be ready for pick-up by 9:00 AM to be guaranteed for return delivery by 4:00 PM on the same day.  Due to our internal capabilities and logistics, we can accept up to 4 arches for reline per day and an unlimited number of basic acrylic denture repairs per day.  Please note for a denture with attachments that just need to be relined around, this process can also be completed same-day.

Next day repairs would include adding a tooth or clasp to a partial or a weld and soft relines or hard relines processing in or repositioning attachments must be ready for pick-up by 9:00 AM to be guaranteed for return delivery by 4:00 PM the next day.

If the case is not ready by 9:00 AM, we cannot guarantee a 4:00 PM delivery. However, we will arrange an alternate return time that will work for both of us. Any repair that requires an addition such as a tooth or clasp OR requires a laser weld will be returned next day by 4:00 PM.

Adhering to this policy helps us to maintain our regular workflow and quality. We appreciate your understanding in regard to this policy.

**All same-day relines and repairs must be picked up by 9:00 AM
to be returned the same day by 4:00 PM.

Please schedule all relines in advance.

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Heat-Cured Method for Relines

same day denture relines

All relines at Wiand Dental Lab are heat-cured. Because our relines are cured at a higher temperature, residual monomer is removed preventing discoloring of the denture base as well as allergic reactions. Heat-cured relines also provide a stronger denture base and precise fit for your patient.

While this method takes longer on our end, we are still able to turn relines around in the same day for the convenience of your patient. We do it because no one wants to be without their teeth and it is worth the result.

Due to the amount of time involved in this process, we ask that you schedule your relines in advance. All dentures both full and partial should be relined every 2-3 years. Put your patients on a reline recall.

For the best same day reline, always send them to Wiand!