Zirconia Thimble Hybrid

Wiand is setting the GOLD standard with our individual zirconia crown hybrids designed for All-on-X! Upgrade your existing or new All-on-X patients to our Zirconia Hybrid with individual Zirconia crowns on a titanium thimble bar designed by Wiand to virtually eliminate repairs! This design offers more clinical flexibility compared to block zirconia or other hybrid designs in terms of interocclusal space and case manageability for the long term. The expertise in our design will save you, your patient and your surgeon time, money and frustration by avoiding repair time and costs. Although rare, this design does offer easy repair options if needed. There are so many benefits, there’s no reason to consider anything else!


  • Less interocclusal space required (10mm)
  • Can be cantilevered farther back than block Zirconia (15mm)
  • Easy tissue management by simply adding pink gingiva
  • Can add implant sites should one fail avoiding complete remake
  • Single teeth are individually replaceable should one chip or fracture
  • No possibility of debonding from a titanium base as it is part of frame
  • No need for retreads due to excessive tooth wear