Full Dentures in 3 Appointments

Imagine fabricating an accurate full upper and lower denture without taking a bite registration. With Staub™ Cranial, it’s a reality! The Staub™ Cranial System gives you a scientific approach to identifying proper tooth positioning based on fixed anatomical landmarks unique to each patient to a proven 95% accuracy. After locating these landmarks and measuring the distances between them, our Certified Staub Cranial Technicians enter these measurements into a software program that prints a patient specific dental map. This map, along with three specifically designed instruments, enables us to properly mount your models without a bite registration. In short, math and science replace doctor and technician guesswork.

Straub Cranial

Benefits of Staub™ Cranial Technology

  • Precise accuracy
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Fewer appointments
  • Virtually eliminates resets
  • No bite required!
  • No equipment to buy!
Straub Cranial Technology

Using the Staub Cranial™ technique, a denture can be precisely fabricated in as little as three appointments. All that is required from the doctor is an accurate impression capturing all the necessary fixed anatomical landmarks. Along with your impressions, we will return to you a complete maxillary set-up, a set-up of the lower 6 anteriors and a wax block in the posterior at the proper occlussal plane. At the second appointment, the trial set-up is tried in and the bite is verified. The trial set-up is then returned to the lab for the final set-up of the lower posterior teeth and processing. It’s that simple and the result is incredible!

Staub Cranial™ can be used to fabricate precise dentures, diagnostic wax-ups, and surgical | CT guides and allows Wiand Dental Laboratory to work with doctors nationwide due to the reduced number of appointments required to fabricate a denture using this method.

Straub Cranial Technology
Straub Cranial Technology