Achieving Success in Removable

Communication is key in achieving a successful outcome on a removable case. Because dentistry is not perfect since every mouth is different, the sharing of information is critical. This requires the participation of all parties involved in the case; dentist, dental lab, surgeon (if needed) and of course, patient. The more information you can give to your lab upfront before the work begins the better. This will save time on the backend in spades helping to avoid adjustments, remakes and ultimately additional unnecessary appointments. This includes taking the time to take accurate impressions, capturing the entire vestibule back to the hamular notch, filling out the lab slip thoroughly, being specific in your notes with your vision for the case and a thorough photo series.

Because the lab does not see the patient, our work depends on all the information you share with us. You provide the foundation and we build the house. But there are so many ways a case can go. Keep in mind that the lab can be a great asset to you with your treatment planning or simply ask for our recommendations since we’ve seen thousands of cases from doctors who all practice differently. Sometimes we can help you get there faster, better or even cheaper.

We encourage you to tap into our (or whatever lab you work with) experience and expertise by phone or in person. When you go out of your way to know, see the value in and partner with your lab, your lab will be there for you anytime you need them. When in doubt, always consult your team, which also includes the lab. Over communication minimizes the risk of mistakes saving all of us time and money. It also results in a happy patient you will retain and get more referrals from when you ask!

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