dental insurance

Dental Insurance: What It Does and Doesn’t Do

It is important for you to know that dentists are being limited by dental insurance these days.  This often leads to the dentist avoiding the best options for patients because they have to make choices based solely on price.  The cheapest dental restorations are typically not the best.  Costs are saved by using less expensive materials and processing as well as less experienced technicians to fabricate the products.  This can result in an ill-fitting, low quality restoration that does not last as long as it should. 

As a patient, you need to be aware that dental insurance is not a typical insurance plan that would cover everything.  Dental insurance is simply a maintenance plan that covers your basic maintenance like cleanings and fillings.  Proper long-term dental care to maintain your teeth for a lifetime goes well beyond dental insurance.  Think about the value of being able to eat and look great when you have a fully functional and beautiful smile. You can compare taking care of your teeth to any other medical procedure you would have done to better your health.

If you don’t have dental insurance, talk to your dentist.  Usually your dentist will have a payment plan that can help you with the upfront costs of procedures.

You could also look into supplemental dental insurance with companies like Aflac.