WIand Dental Lab Denture Photo Series

Digital Photography in Dentistry

Digital photography allows us to see your patient and helps us to do better work for you.  If you are not in the habit already, we highly recommend incorporating photography into your workflow on a consistent basis.  Ideally, it is the most helpful to us if you can photograph your denture patients at the preliminary evaluation stage, the wax rim stage, the wax try-n stage and then upon delivery.

Poses should include the patient up close 1) relaxed (reposed) with lips parted, 2) smiling naturally and then 3) smiling high as well as the patient full face 1) side profile with natural smile lips parted and then 2) the patient smiling naturally for a total of 5 poses.

Patient photos give us common ground to work from so we may offer up the best options resulting in better results for you and your patients.  We have established a new email exclusively for photos photos@wiandlab.com to make it easy.

Additionally, our new Evident software will allow us to save all of your photos with the case so we may access them anytime in the future.  Click here to download our denture photography series for your office for easy reference.