Soar like an Eagle

Eagles Need a Push

In his Tidbits for Success series, Steven Anderson owner of Denco Dental Construction examines how “Eagles Need a Push” relates to complacency in business.

For many of us the fear of soaring is over-shadowed by the fear of falling. Very often we concentrate on our fear so much as to what might happen to the point that we do nothing. We become complacent and then wonder why we are not succeeding to the degree we had hoped.

I recently watched a video that showed a mother eagle push her eaglet to the edge of the nest and gently push it out. Yes – She pushed her baby out of the nest! The mother instantly took off and watched the eaglet fall. If she saw the eaglet was not going to fly, she would immediately scoop it up and take it back to the nest to try it another time.

Do you need a push from your nest so that you might soar? Are you one who needs a gentle push to get you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Try surrounding yourself with trustworthy, accountable, successful people who are not afraid to attempt new things. Perhaps they can offer suggestions you may not have thought of to enhance and help grow your practice. They may even make recommendations you might want to consider that will take you out of your ‘comfort zone’. For more tidbits, visit