Endentulous arch treatment option

Edentulous Arch Treatment Options

Treatment Options for the Edentulous Arch

This is the latest innovation for edentulous patients in implant-supported prosthesis. This patient-specific, non-resilient—yet removable solution provides patients with both the stability and palate-free comfort of a fixed restoration, and the simplified ease of maintenance of a removable.

Available for all major implant systems, the hybrid or bridge prosthesis is friction retained through the use of ATLANTIS Conus Abutments in combination with SynCone caps, allowing for optimal access for oral hygiene while providing the patient with a cost-effective treatment option.

Case Report

Mark Montana, DDS, Private Practice, Tempe, AZ

Mr. Tom Wiand, Wiand Dental Laboratory, Scottsdale, Arizona


of clinicians surveyed have patients with attachment retained overdentures who have expressed a desire for something more stable.

Endentulous arch treatment options
  1. Pre-treatment clinical. Note the wear of the metal abutments due to disengagement of the nylon retention inserts as a result of fulcrum during function.

  2. One implant is selected for disuse and remaining four implants with ATLANTIS Conus abutments in place.

  3. SynCone caps are first fitted to the abutments to verify unobstructed and complete seating, and then removed. A rubber dam is then placed over the abutments to prevent pick-up material from locking into undercut areas below the prepared margin. SynCone caps are re-seated and ready to be captured in the prosthesis.

  4. Completed restoration. Note the absence of screw access holes for a prosthesis that looks like a denture yet fits like a bridge.

  5. Completed bridge in place showing flange length suitable to prevent food entrapment and support the lip and cheeks. The removable prosthesis allows for excellent home care and maintenance.