All-on-4® hybrid with a titanium frame and zirconia teeth

Full Arch Implant Restorations are Ideal

Our advice on case presentation is to always start with the ideal option for your patient’s particular situation and go down from there if necessary. Never assume if a patient has the money or not. Our job is to provide the best healthcare/dental care possible and that should never be based on price. After all, what is full function worth? To be able to enjoy food, smile confidently and feel good about yourself is priceless!

But, when the price of fixed crown and bridge work is out of reach for your patient, consider a fixed screw-retained hybrid for about half the cost. There are so many options with hybrids today including an acrylic hybrid with titanium frame, a Zirconia hybrid with individual crowns and even hybrid resins. We can even do gingival shading giving hybrids a very custom and personalized look.

Because hybrids are screw-retained and only removable by the dentist, they will be fixed for the patient. And even if removable is a better way to go for hygiene or lip support, consider a fixed-detachable option like our Swiss Loc Locking Prosthesis. This restoration is still fixed but removable for the patient. Often, this is a better option for older patients that may need help caring for their teeth. Any of these options can be chosen in conjunction with the All-on-X technique, allowing the patient to get a fixed provisional bridge the day of implant surgery followed by the final restoration 6 months after healing.

Sometimes we have to steer the patient toward what will work the best for them. A great way to accomplish this is by asking them a lot of questions and meeting their needs with the benefits of your solution. Full-mouth reconstruction has never been easier or quicker for patients. They literally go to sleep with their old teeth and wake up with their new temporary set of teeth which look 1,000% better even though they are not the final set of teeth. We consider the temporary a test drive which will really allow for ideal final aesthetics. At our lab, the final is later typically completed in 3 easy appointments.

Want to learn more about full arch screw-retained hybrids? Reach out to Tom, the grand wizard of removable and implant supported dentures and hybrids at 480-446-7063!