Lunch and Learn 2016

At Wiand Dental Lab, we are all about supporting you however we can.  Since hiring our amazing Client Service and Support Representative Scott Lowrey, we are able to visit with you out in the field any time you need us! 

Over the years, we’ve generated many presentations that we thought would help our clients or that our clients requested.  Topics include things like impression taking, anatomical/model landmarks, implant parts and pieces, lab communication, the All-on-X, removable basics, the use of Gothic Arch Tracers, time and money saving removable techniques.  If there is a specific topic you are interested in, please let us know and we will set a date! 

If we don’t already have something prepared on what you need help with, we will generate a new Lunch & Learn.  If you have this question, other clients will too! 

Call Beth Wiand at 480-446-7063 to discuss your specific practice needs.

Lunch and Learn Topics

  • Impression taking
  • Anatomical/model landmarks
  • Implant parts and pieces
  • All-on-4® treatment options
  • The use of Gothic Arch Tracers
  • Time & money saving removable techniques