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DurAcetal® Clasps (tooth-colored)

DurAcetal® Clasps (tooth-colored)
DurAcetal® Clasps (tooth-colored) 2018-05-15T22:19:52+00:00

Cosmetic Removable Option

Wiand Dental Lab has turned dentures into a truly cosmetic option for many patients through the use of DurAcetal® material. DurAcetal® is a tooth-colored resin that comes in the Vita shades. For the best aesthetics, DurAcetal® Clasps can be added to DurAcetal®, Chrome, Nylon and/or Acrylic Partials. In addition to DurAcetal’s beauty, it is strong, durable, bio-compatible, bacteria and stain resistant and has a “Snap Fit” for comfort. For patient’s that absolutely do not want a metal framework perhaps due to allergy or holistic preference, a DurAcetal® frame is the solution. It’s a great choice for your next denture and will make the most particular patient happy!

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Benefits of DurAcetal® Clasps

  • More comfortable than metal
  • Bacteria and stain resistant | no odors
  • Better fit due to flex from “snap fit” feature
  • Natural colors in many different tooth and tissue shades
  • Excellent retention | no adjusting as DurAcetal clasps flex and return to their original shape
  • Bio compatible | monomer free and FDA approved with no known allergic reactions
  • Strong and durable
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