DurAcetal® Frames

Wiand Dental Lab has turned dentures into a truly cosmetic option for many patients through the use of DurAcetal® material. DurAcetal® is a tooth-colored resin that comes in the Vita shades. For the best aesthetics, DurAcetal® Clasps can be added to DurAcetal®, Chrome, Nylon and/or Acrylic Partials. In addition to DurAcetal’s beauty, it is strong, durable, bio-compatible, bacteria and stain resistant and has a “Snap Fit” for comfort. For patient’s that absolutely do not want a metal framework perhaps due to allergy or holistic preference, DurAcetal® clasps and frames are the solution. It’s a great choice for your next denture and will make the most particular patient happy!

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Benefits of DurAcetal® Clasps

  • More comfortable than metal
  • Bacteria and stain resistant | no odors
  • Better fit due to flex from “snap fit” feature
  • Natural colors in many different tooth and tissue shades
  • Excellent retention | no adjusting as DurAcetal clasps flex and return to their original shape
  • Bio compatible | monomer free and FDA approved with no known allergic reactions
  • Strong and durable

The fact that we specialize only in removable and implant supported dental prosthetics exclusively is what sets us apart from other dental labs. We are dedicated to dental technology always staying on the cutting edge of new digital technology and latest treatment options. We never stop learning and growing in our craft through the many continuing educational opportunities offered throughout the U.S. If you are looking for an alternative to metal clasps, we have it! We offer DurAcetal clasps (tooth colored) and clear clasps for your most discerning patients! Contact our knowledgeable experts today to learn more about the many products and services we provide that can help you impact your bottom line!

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