Ivotion Milled Digital Denture

The Ivoclar PM7 mill, complete with multiple digital denture options including Ivotion, has landed at Wiand Dental Lab and we couldn’t be more excited! As a removable focused dental lab, we have long awaited our leap into the digital denture realm. Our criteria was that digital technology had to provide our dentist faster turnaround, an accurate fit, comparable aesthetics to our hand crafted work and a better value. Based on the quality and support Ivoclar has always delivered for us, Ivotion by Ivoclar was the only choice for us! And the workflow is a dream!

Partner with us as we begin to explore all this digital option has to offer starting with immediate dentures especially ideal for the All-on-X provisionals. And what makes this digital denture superior is the fact that it is a ONE PIECE DENTURE which means the teeth and base are milled as one solid piece greatly reducing the possibility of tooth and even base fractures. The goal is to avoid repairs, additional unnecessary chair time.

Prescribe one for you next case at no additional cost from our regular immediate denture or All-on-X package price. Currently, additional digitally milled options also include hard and thermoplastic night guards.

Thank you for working with us digitally!

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