SR Ivocap® Injection System

Ivocap Denture Injection System Provides a Precise Fit Every Time

Always experimenting with new methods of fabrication, we still find the SR-Ivocap Injection System to be the most accurate form of processing available on the market today. Certified in the BPS Brand Prosthetic System which incorporates the use of intraoral traces (Gnathometer) for a precise bite, the Stratos semi-adjustable articulator, Ivoclar denture teeth and SR-Ivocap® Injection processing since 1998, we have years of extensive experience with this system. Overall, the difference between SR-Ivocap® Injection and every other processing technique out there is that the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System provides a continuous injection of acrylic during polymerization which compensates for shrinkage allowing for better adaptation to the cast and results in no change in vertical dimension.

Benefits of SR Ivocap Injection System

  • With optimum shrinkage compensation, patients receive a precise fitting denture
  • Eliminate time consuming adjustments with the precise fit of the denture base
  • Eliminate system-induced increases in vertical dimension with continuous injection during polymerization
  • Create a superior adhesive bond to resin teeth with pressure|heat polymerization
  • Patients have minimal irritation of the mucous membrane with the homogeneous denture base
  • Assure high fracture resistance with the Impact Modifier
  • Eliminate odor, discoloring and reduce plaque build-up with a dense denture base

We use the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System for every case we process here at Wiand Dental Lab because it produces the best result for our doctors and their patients. SR-Ivocap® Injection provides complete compensation for shrinkage during polymerization through a special injection technique. These controlled heat-injected dentures and pressure polymerization compensate for acrylic shrinkage by continuous injection of the acrylic into the mold during polymerization. After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. During the entire polymerization process, the pressure is maintained at 6 bar to ensure continuous pressure feeding of additional material.

With SR-Ivocap® Injection, pressure, and heat together enable both a high degree of polymerization and an excellent adhesive bond to resin teeth. Additionally, the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System leaves behind less residual monomer resulting in a denture base that will not discolor to yellow. It also prevents a change in vertical dimension and spherical deformation. As a result, adjustments of occlusion are virtually eliminated. If your patients have to have dentures, the SR-Ivocap® Denture Injection System is the only way to go!