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Dental Lab Delivery Time Schedule

Dental Lab Delivery Time Schedule
Dental Lab Delivery Time Schedule 2020-10-27T19:31:35-07:00

This Dental Lab Delivery Time Schedule will help determine the time frame for treating your patients.

Custom Tray│Bite Rim  4 Days
Verification Index with Custom Tray 5 Days
Cast Metal Framework  10 Days
Set-Up | Try-in 6 Days
Process and Finish 6 Days
Re(Set) and Process  8 Days
Flexible Partial (interim use) 8 Days
Immediate Denture (interim use) 8 Days
Flipper 1-3 Teeth* 4 Days
Flipper 4+ Teeth* 5-8 Days
Hybrid Bar Try-in Acrylic Teeth 20 Days

* Emergency rush available upon request

IC Hybrid Bar Try-in Zirconia Teeth 30 Days
SwissLoc Bar Overdenture Try-In 30 Days
Thermoplastic Night Guard 7 Days
Dual Laminate Night Guard 5 Days
Hard Night Guard 8 Days
Surgical Guide 8 Days
Essix Retainer 4 Days
Acrylic Repair│Hard Reline│PMR** 1-2 Days
Soft Reline│Reline with Attachments**
(Same Day Phoenix Area Only)
2 Days
Add a Clasp or Tooth*** 2 Days

** Relines, repairs and PMR’s must be ready for pick up at 9am to be returned by 4pm the same day. All relines and PMR’s must be scheduled in advance.
*** Additional time needed for cast or tooth-colored clasps.

PLEASE NOTE:  All times include local pick-up and delivery.  Please allow extra shipping time for out-of-town cases.

Call 480-446-7063 as far in advance as possible.
For fee schedule please contact Scott or call 480-622-3130.

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