same day denture relines

Denture Reline Recalls Build Your Practice

You call your patients back for routine hygiene, but what about your denture patients? Commonly, these patients think they are done and never have to go back to the dentist. But the opposite is true, and it is up to you, the dental provider, to educate them. Both full and partial dentures should be relined every 2-3 years to compensate for the inevitable bone loss that happens over time as well as maintain abutment teeth.

Relines are a way to maintain the stability of the prosthesis for the long-term. Wiand Dental’s heat-cured relines can be done in one day. This method removes residual monomer due to the processing high temperature, results in a better fit and prevents discoloring of the denture. Also remember that implant assisted overdentures (i.e. Locator attachments) need to be relined as well. As the denture loses tissue support, the overdenture attachment tends to wear out and may need to be replaced more frequently. Relines that need abutments incorporated or repositioned into them can be done next day.

We highly recommend that you identify and contact all your denture patients and then get them scheduled for an exam and denture reline. All relines need to be scheduled in advance to manage the same day turnaround. This limits how many we can do in a day. Keep in mind that these patients may also be excellent candidates for potential implant dentistry and relines are a great way to get the conversation going. If you scheduled a reline every morning as your first appointment, think about the positive financial impact on your practice, not to mention what may transpire in terms of implants. Reline recalls are critical to maintaining good oral health and function for your denture patients as well as consistently building your practice!

We are here to support you and help you grow your practice. Want to learn more about our lab specific techniques like heat cured relines and why they are better? Call us today; you will always get a live person on the phone!