Engage Employees with the Change Exercise

One of the greatest ways you can impact the success of your practice is by having employees who are engaged in the process of continually improving and moving it forward. If your business is anything like ours, often employees come regularly with complaints but rarely with solutions.

One of the things we took away Art Deden of Vista Practice Management‘s seminar last month mentioned below is called the “Change Exercise.” He encouraged us to ask employees to write down what changes they would like to see and also ways that they can personally influence these changes, two simple lists corresponding to one another.

Things in a practice or any business cannot change or improve without the help of the entire team. This simple exercise will enlighten employees that they have to be part of that change and can help them hold themselves accountable to those changes. Also use these lists to hold your employees accountable for their part in the success of the practice and to determine who is really on board with you. You can’t move a boat forward if someone is rowing the opposite way!