screw-retained prosthesis

New Bar Design For A Screw-Retained Prosthesis

We are excited to share this case with you because it is new bar design for a screw-retained prosthesis. This was an extremely challenging case due to the fact that the implants used were Ankylos implants with the anterior implants being 35 degrees divergent with the posterior implants. Additionally, the patient insisted on a fixed prosthesis that was not removable.

Because Ankylos does not have pre-angled abutments with an occlusal screw for fixed detachable prosthesis’, we had to come up with a new unique design. This design incorporates a CAD/CAM primary bar with a 2 degree taper and a CAD/CAM superstructure that fits onto the primary bar and is screw retained.

By using this design we were able to angle correct by making a primary bar instead of using pre-angled abutments and give the patient what they wanted. In addition, the superstructure was CAD/CAM rather than cast therefore creating a more precise fit and eliminating any micro movement that would loosen the occlusal screws.