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Implant Surgical Guides

Implant Surgical Guides
Implant Surgical Guides 2019-04-22T22:40:32+00:00

Eliminate Guesswork with Implant Surgical Guides

The use of implant surgical guides means that bone is no longer an issue allowing for optimal placement of the implant (such as All-on-4®) and best possible outcome for your patient.

Implant Surgical Guide

We fabricate both SR Ivocap® injected implant surgical stents as well as CT guides for the most discerning doctors. Implant surgical guides allow the oral surgeon to truly service the restorative doctor and laboratory to their exact specifications. They also help to provide optimal positioning and avoid the need for pre-angled abutments reducing the risk of implant failure and poor aesthetics.

For X-Rays used to determine if bone grafting is needed, we offer Gutta Percha and radiographic markers with Barium Sulphate. The stent then becomes the actual drill guide in which we can provide a standard hole, a titanium sleeve for precise implant placement. For CT guides, we offer Barium teeth which provide a more accurate picture of the entire tooth structure in relation to the situation of the bone below the tissue.

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