Dual Laminate Night Guards

dual laminate night guard

A comfortable night guard your patients will wear!

In a night guard, a patient wants comfort and their doctor wants protection.  This dual laminate night guard is fabricated from two separate materials.  The interior laminate layer is 1mm and soft in order to provide a comfortable fit.  The harder external 2mm layer is able to provide long lasting durability.

This night guard is designed for patients that have moderate to severe night grinding or light clenching. If you are a heavy bruxer you want to look at our hard flexible night guard.

Our dual laminate night guard will be made with a positive pressure forming machine rather than vacuum former that our competitors use. This allows for the tightest night guard available.

  • More affordable
  • Less bulky than traditional hard night guards
  • Comfortable with soft interior lining and hard occlusal surface
  • Self-adjusting precise fit
  • Minimal to no adjustments
  • Great for bruxers, All-on-4® and C&B patients
  • Fast turnaround

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