Precision Partial Dentures

precision attachment

Precision attachment partial dentures are another area of our expertise that we have close to perfected. Our partial dentures contain an attachment (s) that secure the denture onto the natural teeth of your patient. This helps give the patient maximum comfort and ease of use, holding the denture securely in place for a confident smile.

New doctors are amazed when they get their first precision attachment partial denture from Wiand Dental Lab and it drops right in without an adjustment. We are able to accomplish this by taking care in every step of the process.

Similar to our implant work, our technicians complete these dentures under magnification to achieve precision fit. In addition, we’ve had experience with just about every type of attachment on the market and can guide you on what we’ve seen work well depending on the specifics of your case. All precision attachment partial dentures are processed with SR Ivocap® Injection as well.

At Wiand Dental we spend the time investing in our products so you can easily recommend them to your patients. We can create custom, high quality precision attachment partial dentures for your patients, every time, with accuracy for the perfect fit.

For challenging partial denture cases, you can contact our knowledgeable customer service team and we can help you achieve the perfect fit for your patients. Call Wiand Dental to learn more about our precision attachment partial dentures as well as our various other high-quality denture options that will make you patients smile again. If you patient must have dentures, make sure it’s a Wiand denture!

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