Full denture upper

Avoid Adjustments on Final Product

Have you ever had to grind on a brand new denture in front of your patient? How did it make you feel? How do you think the patient felt?

To avoid adjustments on the final product, we highly recommend the use of a processed base. Where on a traditional base plate the undercuts of the master cast are blocked out before the base plate is made, a processed base is the actual final base of the denture. In order to do this, we pour the final impression, wax the denture base to the proper extension, process the base plate and then add a wax rim for the bite registration.

The advantage of this technique is that you get the retention of a processed denture at the bite registration and wax try-in. If any adjustments need to be made on the denture base i.e. sore spots, over-extended borders or poor fit, they can be addressed before the final delivery appointment. In the end, the best reason to do a processed base is that your will know what the final fit of the denture will be before the day of delivery. This makes dentures much more predictable and will allow you to be 100% confident in the final product you deliver!