Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are quickly becoming the standard of care for most patients. For your edentulous or partially edentulous patients, it is important to at least discuss this option whether or not your patient has inquired about them. Finding the best implant supported denture restorations in the area is easy when you reach out to our knowledgeable staff at Wiand Dental. As a denture lab based in Arizona, we can help serve dental offices across the nation, creating the best implant supported dentures and giving you the support you need for successful outcomes and happy patients!

We believe implant supported dentures are the best available option and should always be presented to the patient. Due to the amount of experience we have, Wiand Dental Lab is an expert in all there is to know about this treatment option. Having experience with just about every implant system out there, we can answer your questions and consult with you on the pro’s and con’s of each from the lab perspective as you are making your treatment plans. Our Arizona denture lab specializes in helping dental offices zero in on the best available options that will work for their patients and can assist you in finalizing your treatment plan based on patient wants, needs and budget.

All of our implant supported dentures are processed with SR Ivocap® Injection and are completed under 20X magnification resulting in a very clean and precise product that will be delivered with little or no adjusting along with your master cast intact for verification. At Wiand Dental Lab, we do as much of the work as possible on our end to make your job easier!

When it comes to implant supported dentures, the team at Arizona based denture lab, Wiand Dental, are the experts. We are here to answer questions and ensure that you get the right solution for your patients, every time. Contact us today to speak with an experienced team member and to learn more about the options that we have available.

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