Thermoplastic Night Guards


CLEARsplint™ is the optically clear night guard with flex. It is a modified composite powder and liquid which is press packed. The material is amine free so it will remain clear and never yellow.

A CLEARsplint™ thermoplastic night guard is self-adjusting when placed in hot water before inserting in the mouth. It is also MMA free and is, therefore, non-allergenic. CLEARsplint’s™ wearability, comfort, and fit are second to none. Once you try them, you’ll see why! Hard night guards processed with SR Ivocap® Injection are available as well for a more rigid night guard.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Night Guards

  • Protection against bruxing and grinding
  • Self-adjusting when pre-sofented with warm water permitting the closest fit
  • Better fit reduces post-op chair time and provides greater comfort
  • Dimensional stablility results in fewer, if any, adjustments which are done conventionally
  • Elimates allergy issues because there is no methyl methacrylate like acrylic splints
  • Amine free so splint remains transparent and will not yellow with age
  • Ramps and guide plans can be added to reposition mandible
  • Breakage resistant composite resin
  • Chairside repairs can be made with cold cure acrylic

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