dental technologist

What role does the dental lab play in dentistry today?

Dental technology is critical to success in dentistry and is both a science and an art.  You have to know the materials and craftsmanship to be a great dental technician.  Rarely are patients familiar with the role of the dental lab in dentistry because we work in tandem with dentists behind the scenes.  In simple terms, dental labs fill prescriptions that a dentist submits to fabricate whatever appliance, restoration or prosthesis the dentist requests in writing.  But, it is so much more than that.  There are three distinct factors that differentiate what a lab produces for you, the patient:

  1. materials/processing used
  2. craftsmanship/technique
  3. level of expertise/experience

In general, there are several different types of dental labs:

  • Crown and Bridge/C&B (single teeth and bridges)
  • Removable (full and partial dentures)
  • Full-Service (does both C&B and removable)
  • Ortho (retainers and appliances)

Most labs today have also incorporated implants into their offerings because they are the new standard of care. 

Wiand Dental Lab is different. We specialize only in implants and removable prosthetics. Why? We feel that crafting a smile takes a form of special care.  Our technicians and team process and create unique smiles that fit perfectly for the individual. Our expertise allows us to create a new standard of care.

It is important for you to know that in addition to the prescription, the dentist submits your records for the lab to work from.  Your entire case depends on these records.  Records come to the lab in the form of impressions, photos and bite registrations.  It is critical that these records are accurate for labs to be able to create restorations that fit properly.  Time spent upfront on records and case planning saves time, money and frustration.