Chronic hybrid fractures

Possible Solution for Chronic Hybrid Fractures

Throughout our journey of restoring patients with a fixed hybrid solution, there always seems to be that one patient that breaks a tooth every few months.  While we safeguard chronic hybrid fractures as best we can by having the patient wear an Essix or a night guard to protect the teeth from para-function, the fracture still finds a way to occur.

Patients lose their proprioception, especially with upper and lower hybrids, resulting in increased occlusal forces from when they had their natural dentition.  While there is a definite benefit to the life of the implants by having a plastic tooth break and being the shock absorber for the implant, it can still be frustrating to the clinician and patient.

We have developed several options including Zirconia teeth on the titanium frame or even just a Zirconia first molar to protect from the collapse of the VDO.  But what about a solution for the patient with an existing hybrid that cannot afford to completely remake the prosthesis?

Solution for Chronic Hybrid Fractures

One option that we have developed is to wax the teeth as full contour crown wax-ups and the process the prosthesis in Ivocap tooth shade.  This makes the entire arch of teeth one piece.  This option will not prevent occlusal wear, but it will eliminate tooth fractures.

The patient we are showing above presented with a hybrid that was originally placed over ten years ago, but had a history of breaking teeth and chronic hybrid fractures.  Since delivery one year ago, the patient has had no further issues with tooth breakage or fractures.