Denture Retention

Reline Recall for Your Patients

A reline recall similar to a hygiene recall can help you increase your business.  Relines are a great way to get your patients back to discuss their current oral health situation and new options available to them.  We do hundreds of relines every year.

Upon arrival in our lab, we commonly see impression material that has been completely displaced while taking the impression usually in the rugae area or across the arch on the crest of the ridge.

It is important to remember that depending on material used, less than 2mm of impression material will give you compressed tissue which can prevent the denture from seating properly and more than 2mm resulting in excessive thickness can cause a distorted impression. 2mm of impression material is ideal and we recommend using a large acrylic burr to relieve the intaglio surface of the denture prior to taking the impression.

To be confident your impression is sound, we highly recommend removing the denture after taking the impression, having the patient rinse with water and then reseating the denture to verify the integrity of the impression every time.  Because all impression material has tackiness to it, it sometimes gives the illusion of a good impression.  If you then have suction when you reseat the denture, you can rest assured your impression is good!

Remember, we offer same day reline and denture repair in the Phoenix area. Make sure to schedule yours in advance!