Precise, predictable and profitable dental prosthetics are what you can expect from Wiand Dental Laboratory based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 100 years of combined staff experience focused exclusively on removable, our expertise is unparralled in the industry.

From conventional dentures to the most complex implant supported over-dentures, Wiand Dental Lab produces the most precise dental prosthetics for all your removable and implant supported needs. We are masters of our craft. Read More…


  • Removable Full & Partial Dentures

  • Implant Assisted and Supported Dentures

  • Precision Attachment Partial Dentures

  • Flexible Partial Dentures

  • Night Guards and Splints


  • Hybrid Dentures

  • Bar Supported Overdentures

  • Zirconia Hybrids

  • CAD|CAM Titanium Implant Bars

  • Digital Immediate Dentures

  • Printed 3D Models

  • Printed Custom Trays


  • All-on-4 Chairside Conversions and Final Restorations

  • Collaborative Treatment Planning

  • Digital Implant Case Planning and Bar Design

  • Chairside Technical Support

  • Continuing Education


  • Technical Expertise

  • Predictability

  • Minimal Adjustments

  • On-Time Turnaround

  • Proactive Customer Service

  • Partnership Based Approach

All Products

We work with dentists to create the perfect smile for their patients needing conventional removable dentures or dental implant supported dentures, hybrids and overdentures. We pride ourselves in being the market leader in all-on-X, removable and implant supported prosthetics in the Arizona and beyond. Our premium quality products are hand-crafted with precision in the Scottsdale-Phoenix, AZ area and delivered nationwide. Specializing exclusively in removable and implant supported prosthetics since 1992, Wiand delivers the expertise, quality and consistency to get it right the first time. Here’s what our doctors have to say:

“When I began to offer the “All-on-4®” treatment option in my office, Wiand was the obvious choice to provide the best possible result for my patients.” Read more…
Dr. Leslie I. Davis
“I routinely count on their advice.” Read more…
Dr. Steven Goldstein D.D.S.
“My confidence in doing removable cases was restored and I have been doing removable cases successfully ever since.” Read more…
Dr. Karl Bohman
“Their quote, ‘no denture adventures’ is absolutely true! I never have any surprises with any of the work we have done together.” Read more…
Dr. Carol Ford

The Wiand Way

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

John Wooden

Here at Wiand, the way we do things has proudly become known as “The Wiand Way” in our hallways. The Wiand Way is consistently precise premium quality products combined with technical expertise and proactive customer service and support.

Because Wiand Dental Lab has focused exclusively on removable dental prosthetics, our experience, expertise and education are unparalleled in the industry. With nearly 30 years in removable dental prosthetics, we have seen the work of hundreds of doctors which equates to tens of thousands of removable cases.

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About Wiand

At Wiand Dental Lab we give dentures the attention they require and deserve! From conventional dentures to the most complex implant supported over-dentures, Wiand Dental Lab produces the most precise dental prosthetics for all your removable needs.

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The All-on-X Experts

Bridging the gap between surgery and restoration

  • One day procedure
  • Next best option to real teeth
  • Minimal chair time
  • Avoids sinus lift and grafting
  • Retain patients from corporate implant centers
  • Most affordable full arch restortation

 All-on-4® Treatment & 3D Implant Planning Assistance

 CAD | CAM Implant Bar Design

 All-on-4® Chairside Support & Continuing Education

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Equipment & Processing

From the start in 1992, our goal has always been to utilize the best equipment and processing available on the market in order to produce the highest quality and precise products possible on a consistent basis.  We are an Ivoclar driven lab and use SR Ivocap® Injection for every case we process.

Get the Most From Your Dental Lab Partner

  • Get to know your lab – doctors that take the time reap the benefits!
  • Begin with the end in mind – include our Arizona based dental lab in your treatment planning- we can help!
  • Send accurate impressions along with photos – a successful outcome requires thorough records!
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